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22 July 2019

P104-100 for Machine Learning

by Mathieu Poliquin

In January I did a review of the p106-100 mining card applied to Machine Learning.

Originally the p104-100, althought around 30% more powerful (think GTX 1060 vs 1070), had only 4GB of ram and was almost twice the price on the second hand market so that’s why I decided to try the p106-100 first.

However recently some users have reported been able to enable the full 8GB via a bios hack so I went on taobao again and some vendors are even shipping with the modified bios!

I was going to buy one but I noticed the card only supports PCIE 1.1 4x, which is way to slow for most Machine Learning tasks (like training on video games).


I recently made a video about how to leverage mining hardware even with low PCIE bandwidth using NVIDIA Reasearch’s CuLE framework:

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