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Pre-trained Models Downloads for Video Games

by Mathieu Poliquin

List of pre-trained models. To be used with OpenAI Baselines + Retro. You can find a quick start guide here

How to Run and generate a video

Download the model and run this

python3 -m baselines.run --alg=ppo2 --env=[GAME NAME] --gamestate=[STATE] --num_timesteps=10000 --load_path=./PATH_TO_MODEL --save_video_interval=1 --save_video_length=[NUM_TIMESTEPS]

Note: The link to the pre-trained models are in the video description

Game Videos/Models
Super Street Fighter 2 CE Genesis https://youtu.be/-V2JIm8WHZo
Fatal Fury 2 Genesis https://youtu.be/lheUG_1Ur44
Ms PacMan Nes https://youtu.be/E0BKpKCCtqA
Clu Clu Land Nes https://youtu.be/u_r8PrccR-g
Columns Genesis https://youtu.be/hePuhOX7Ikg
PopEye Nes https://youtu.be/Csfh0TLc6ro
Bubble Bobble Nes https://youtu.be/C1syCkrkd7s
T2 Arcade Genesis https://youtu.be/YIKNhHfWf3s
After Burner II https://youtu.be/YaiXf7Hg8to
Adventure Island 3 https://youtu.be/dq_T9I9XMCU
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