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Machine Learning Video Game Models Downloads

by Mathieu Poliquin

List of pre-trained models. To be used with OpenAI Baselines + Retro. You can find a quick start guide here

How to Run and generate a video

Download the model and run this command

python3 -m baselines.run --alg=ppo2 --env=[GAME NAME] --gamestate=[STATE] --num_timesteps=10000 --load_path=./PATH_TO_MODEL --save_video_interval=1 --save_video_length=[NUM_TIMESTEPS]
Game Model
SuperMarioBros-Nes Level 1-1
SuperMarioBros3-Nes Level 1-1
TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesIITheArcadeGame-Nes Level 1-1
CluCluLand Level 1-1
ContraForce-Nes Level 1-1
MsPacMan-Nes Level 1-1
Terminator-Sms Level 1-1
1942-Nes Level 1-1
DoubleDragon-Nes Level 1-1
GoldenAxeIII-Genesis Level 1-1
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