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Count trainable parameters total in Tensorflow

by Mathieu Poliquin

Here is some sample code that counts total number of params

total_params = 0
for v in tf.trainable_variables():
    shape = v.get_shape()
    count = 1
    for dim in shape:
    	count *= dim.value
    	total_params += count
print("Total Params:%d" % total_params)

Here is some example output. This the default CNN used in OpenAI’s baselines

==============TRAINABLE PARAMETERS================
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/c1/w:0' shape=(8, 8, 4, 32) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/c1/b:0' shape=(1, 32, 1, 1) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/c2/w:0' shape=(4, 4, 32, 64) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/c2/b:0' shape=(1, 64, 1, 1) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/c3/w:0' shape=(3, 3, 64, 64) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/c3/b:0' shape=(1, 64, 1, 1) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/fc1/w:0' shape=(3136, 512) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/fc1/b:0' shape=(512,) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/w:0' shape=(512, 36) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/pi/b:0' shape=(36,) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/vf/w:0' shape=(512, 1) dtype=float32_ref>
<tf.Variable 'ppo2_model/vf/b:0' shape=(1,) dtype=float32_ref>
Total Params:1703109
<property object at 0x7f78b2242db8>
tags: tensorflow - trainable parameters - total - count - calculate