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SSH commands you might find useful

Simple collection of SSH commands I find useful

Use SSH to make a VPN using sshuttle

Ubuntu install

sudo apt-install sshuttle


brew install sshuttle
sudo sshuttle -r remote_server_username@REMOTE_IP -x REMOTE_IP -x LOCAL_IP 0/0 -vv --dns

-vv: is for verbose mode –dns: DNS requests are also rerouted -x: to exclude IPs

Open X11 GUI apps via SSH

If using Windows install a X11 server, in this case Xming:

Set DISPLAY env (This example is with Windows power shell)


Use the -Y param

ssh -Y name@address

Open gedit as example


Execute a command automatically after SSH session is opened

In this example run the top command. notice that you need to add “; bash –login “ at the end.

ssh -t name@address "top ; bash --login"

Install SSH server

sudo apt install --assume-yes openssh-server

Edit configs:

sudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config

restart server:

sudo systemctl restart ssh