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Tensorflow.js gflops test

by Mathieu Poliquin

The test uses the following code. Please press the “Start Test” button after the Host Info section.

  const matSize = 2 * 1024;
  const mat1 = tf.ones([matSize, matSize], tf.float32);
  const mat2 = tf.ones([matSize, matSize], tf.float32);
  const matmulTime = await tf.time(() => tf.matMul(mat1, mat2));
  var time = matmulTime.kernelMs / 1000;
  totalFlops = 2 * Math.pow(matSize,3);
  gflops = 1.0e-9 * totalFlops / time;

Host Info

TF Version
TF Backend
WebGL version
Force f16 textures
Debug Mode

Note: Works only on Chrome Desktop version for now

Test Result


tags: tensorflow.js - gflops - performance - test - benchmark