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Tmux quick tutorial

Tmux is used to run multiple sessions in the same terminal window and especially useful to run a persistent session when using ssh.


sudo apt install tmux

Creating sessions

Example how to create a persistent sessions with a relevant name, in this case “TASK-01”

tmux new -s "TASK-01"

Once create you will be inside that session in which you run the commands you want. To leave (and destroy) that session:

CRTL+B, then press X

To leave (detach) the session without killing it

CRTL+B, then press D

Cycle throught sessions

CRTL+B, then press W

You will get a windows like this where you can toggle between sessions. Notice the preview of the session in the bottom


To simply list sessions:

tmux ls

Attach to a session

Lets say you disconnected from the server or closed the terminal and want to re-enter your session just type:

tmux attach-session -t "TASK-01"

attach to a session on a remote server in one command line

ssh -t username1@address "tmux attach-session -t 'TASK-01' ; bash --login"

Creating a session WITHOUT attaching to it

In this case it creates a session named CPU

tmux new-session -d -s CPU

More info

Video with more details