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9 February 2021

RTX 2060 Super for Machine Learning

by Mathieu Poliquin

Full review Coming Soon but in the meantime here are some performance test results

Performance tests results

Test P106-100
PPO2 Atari Pong ~1670 frame/sec
Resnet50 batch=32 181.88 images/sec
Resnet50 batch=32 (16 bit) 292.80 images/sec
Resnet50 batch=64 (16 bit) 324.83 images/sec
Isaac gym/OpenAI - Shadowhand 30952 steps/s
Host to Device 1122 MB/s
Device to Host 1218.3 MB/s
Device to Device 168540.0 MB/s



tags: RTX 2060 Super - gpu - machine learning - resnet50 - review